"Yuuki & the Tsunami"
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                                   Story Synopsis:
                                   A Japanese legend.  With quick thinking, a boy saves the lives of
                                   400 villagers from a sudden and deadly tsunami.

Play script:

 Illustrated story for
 "Yuuki and
 the Tsunami"


 Reader's theatre
 play script

 Performance notes  
 & casting slips

 Characters & Setting  

 Plot & Main Idea

 Write an original story
 about a hero:
 (1) organize ideas   
 (2) rough draft
 (3) revise story
 (4) final copy

                          More resources for "Yuuki & the Tsunami":
                                Assessment  (multiple-choice, open response questions)
                                Games & activities   coloring pages
                                Graphic Organizers:  traditional   Whootie Owl's exclusive
                                Image of Whootie Owl (black & white for coloring)
                                Image of Whootie Owl (full color)
                                Self-scoring rubric & how to use
                                Feedback:  by e-mail   print this page & fax it
                                Acknowledgements, permission, & source of story

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